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We advise our clients in relation to the protection of their copyright (and related rights) by evaluating together the most convenient way to ensure the protection of those rights, but also to exploit them effectively through different contractual forms such as licensing or cession.

Our firm also provides services in connection to the deposit of intellectual works and contracts before the Department of Intellectual Rights, such as transfer agreements and publishing contracts, as well as the protection of rights over artistic, literary and artistic works, including computer programs, architectural works and databases, among other related matters.

In addition, we have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing agreements relating to rights managed through collective management entities, as well as those managed individually by the respective owners.

Finally, our firm has lawyers specialized in matters related to the defense of this type of rights in different types of venues, including civil and criminal courts, which allows us to advise our clients not only on the deposit and exploitation of their copyright and related rights, but also on their enforcement in cases of possible infringements.