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Intellectual property is closely linked to the protection of intangible assets and innovation developed by inventors and companies of any size.

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The irruption of new technologies, the exponential increase of contents and information that is exchanged daily at a global level, and the variety and speed of the media that circulate them make it indispensable to have the advice of professionals who understand these phenomena in an integral way to accompany clients of different sizes, industries and realities in areas of knowledge and economic activity that until a few years ago were only within the reach of a few.


Sargent & Krahn has been an intellectual property firm since its establishment in 1889. We have the experience and knowledge and a team of professionals and technicians that allow us to provide an excellent service in the service of innovation.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a service of professional excellence that takes into consideration their needs, the industry in which they operate and the use of the most suitable legal tools to protect their rights.


The entrepreneurial and visionary spirit of our founders has always inspired us and we have remained at the forefront of our professional field, either by developing technological tools that we put at the service of our clients, such as our Weekmark platform, or by extending our professional practice to areas connected to intellectual property, such as Pharmaceutical Law, Technology and Data Protection, and Advertising Regulation, among others.

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We have extensive experience, both locally and internationally. We have correspondents in the different jurisdictions, which allows us to provide a global protection service.

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